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Bucket Brigade

Each year the Ernie Nester Chapter of Trout Unlimited (ENCTU) places nearly ten tons of limestone sand into the headwaters of the Middle Fork of the Williams River in the Monongahela National Forest, which will help improve water quality for brook trout, the state's official fish.

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WV DNR), members of the ENCTU, fishing enthusiasts from across West Virginia, and employees of several local Walmart stores volunteer for the Bucket Brigade outing.

The purpose of the Bucket Brigade project is to improve the pH water quality of the Middle Fork of the Williams River so brook trout will continue their resurgence after being absent from the watershed for over fifty years.


The stream is within a wilderness area, which means no machinery can be used to place the limestone in the river. Nearly ten tons of limestone sand was placed by hand using buckets carried by volunteers. 

The coordinator for the Bucket Brigade is Jeff Nelsen, who can be reached at

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